Happy birthday EVERETT JACK! You're FIVE!

Happy birthday EVERETT JACK! You're FIVE!

The day is here!  "March the 1st” as you like to say it. :)  One of the most monumental and sweetest days of my life. You’re FIVE!! What an exciting and bittersweet milestone you made it to. I’m just not sure how it happened so quickly! Everyone warned me about that when I was pregnant with you, and goodness were they right. These years have flown, and truly, you have made life more fun every single year!

 We’ve been counting down to this day for weeks now. You couldn’t be more excited to grow up, and I’m pretending right along with you that I’m just as happy but I have so many mixed emotions! :) 5 just seems so… big! 

Everett, you are the best! We have...

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